Sprague Lake

Alex fly fishing at Sprague Lake

Hanging out at Sprague Lake on a lazy weekend day. Sprague Lake is a great place to take a short walk, fish, read, or picnic.

Hiking details:

  •  Mileage: off the road with a half mile loop around the lake
  •  Elevation gain: none
  • Altitude: 8,710 feet
  •  To get there: Follow the bear lake road in RMNP to the Sprague Lake trail head.

It is the first day of our weekend and we have been lazing around the house all morning, but the sun is out and a breeze is blowing, so we decide to laze around outside instead. The drive to Sprague Lake from town is quick. The parking lot picnic area is full, and so are all of the parking spots. This, Alex says, is always the case at Sprague Lake. We end up parking at the nearby stables and cutting through the woods to the lake. Whether or not this is recommended, I don’t know, but no one seemed to mind.

The path around the lake is teeming with walkers, fishers, readers. We find a spot on the south side, with views of the Continental Divide mountains to the west. Alex gets his fishing pole together right away and wades out into the lake while I eat lunch and read. We are lazy at the lake for hours, until my legs are burnt red and we have to head out to meet a friend.

“That’s why we’re here,” a lady on the trail told me when I told her we were having a lazy day. “To relax and do what we want.”

Source for hiking details: Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park, A Falcon Guide by Kent and Donna Dannen.

Hanging out at Sprague Lake


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