38 days and counting…down! : The Travel Clinic


Today marks the 38th day standing between us and Africa! Things are coming together little by little…nothing feels organized or in any way conclusive yet. I’m really starting to doubt that it will. Today we visited Passport Health in Lakewood, CO for a consultation, vaccine update, and malaria prescription. I must say, I love Passport Health and will definitely use them for future adventures. Not only are they the cheapest option I’ve found for travel consult and vaccination in Denver, they were actually helpful! Our nurse curbed my mild frenzy to ‘feel organized’ about this trip when she handed over a bound (just for us!) book of all the info we might need: vaccines, pills, visa info, embassy info, traveler’s insurance info…ohhhh how many hours of research (that I was still getting to….) this saved me! Polio, Typhoid, Tetanus, and Doxy (the cheap way to prevent malaria and get a sunburn). Check! Next up: Get duffel bags, pack food, premethrin, clothes, maps, hundred dollar bills newer than 2006, insect repellent, 1 million SPF sunscreen, plan workshops, organize interview materials…


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