A musing about blogging from the middle of nowhere

Typing notes under a tree in Kenya

Here I am in 2010 typing up interview notes under a tree. This might look peaceful, but the generator for electricity was humming away to my right.

I’ve finally started up this little travel blog after a few friends and colleagues urged me to blog while in Kenya and Tanzania.

“Africa is one of those places that is so interesting and mysterious. You have to blog while you’re there,” they say.

“If you’re researching a book on female circumcision, you should probably blog about it along the way,” they say.

“You’re travelling? You should probably write a blog…” they say.

So many reasons to write a blog from Africa…and so little electricity and internet to do it with! I so, so, so want this blog to work, but I must remember that it’s mildly experimental. I don’t know when, where, and for how long I might have electricity at any given point in this trip. Even if I purchase a magical internet USB stick upon arrival (I don’t know how this thing works or what it’s officially called) I don’t know how long it will last me.

Doubts aside, I will try! Let’s see how it goes.


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