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I don’t know if I’m the only one who does this, but I often search for plane tickets online when I’m bored…sometimes I get obsessive about it. happens to be my current favorite ticket search site. I broke up with Travelocity last October after we had an incident at 5a.m in the Denver airport (where I apparently didn’t need to be until 10a.m.) Despite having a million things to do and plan for my upcoming trip to Africa, I still peruse plane tickets online frequently…probably too often for my own mental health. If you’ve done this out of boredom, you probably know that it just makes the travel itch that much worse. Bali. Jamaica. Nicaragua. Alaska. Round the World tickets. I convince myself that I could surely go all these places: get jobs and quit jobs and afford it all easily. Unrealistic? Maybe. But this is a great self-sabotaging hobby…if you’re looking for one.


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