Well friends, the first day of Denver Restaurant Week (s) 2012 is over! Denver Restaurant Week supposedly has more participation than New York City Restaurant Week, and actually runs for two weeks. It’s shaping up to be a guaranteed crazy time which will probably consume my life just a little. Why is this on my travel blog? Because in 33 days I leave for a 2 month trip to a faraway place! By the time Denver Restaurant Weeks  end, I will be leaving in 20 short days!

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the preparation for a trip can be just as overwhelming as the actual trip is exciting. I am sooooooooo happy about the trip to Kenya and Tanzania but I’ve never traveled for such an extended period, which is a bit intimidating at times. Although the actual travel parts of our trip don’t seem to require much planning at all, we will also be teaching and this portion of the trip requires a bit more brainstorming and planning. Lastly, packing for a 2 month trip intimidates me to the utmost! I’ve worked two summers in Yellowstone and brought so little there that friends told me I am a minimalist when it comes to packing. This is encouraging, but I am not yet convinced. It feels like there is so much to do to prepare and then I realize I can’t really prepare because it will probably all change the moment we step foot in Nairobi on March 31st! Still, I don’t want to forget underwear, lesson plans, supplies, food…..etc. It’s sure starting to feel like this journey is picking up speed.

Wish me luck!


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