Indian Hot Springs


Indian Hot Springs community pool

How to get there: From Denver head west on Interstate 70 and take exit 241A at Idaho Springs. Merge onto Colorado Blvd. and take a slight left onto Miner St. Turn left on Soda Creek Road.

Banana trees, palm trees, and a robust rubber tree border the indoor hot springs pool. Smaller tropical plants grow under them: agave, spider plants, geraniums, bromeliads, and much more. I have a quick flashback to a Costa Rican waterfall adventure, but there is snow on the ground outside. The Indian Hot Springs community pool is in a green house, which holds humidity well and lets the tropical plants flourish.

After a couple of hours relaxing in the community pool and a private bath, we head to town for dinner at Mangia. We ate here last year and have remembered the exact and glorious flavors of our meal. We order the same thing because we can’t resist it : the small Margherita pizza and a bottle of white wine, plus the Pasta Fagioli soup and the Signature Salad. We have a whole half of the restaurant to ourselves, and it’s luxurious to linger there.

When we return to the hot springs in the dark, its yellow lights are shining rays

Indian Hot Springs at night

through the leaves of the banana trees, like the sun might do as it set in the jungle. With only 3 other couples in the pool, it’s a quiet night.

We are 34 minutes away from home and work but, still, we are on a mini-vacation. My boyfriend Alex and I love to visit hot springs, and it’s our second time at this one. For the second year in a row, we are taking advantage of a deal they have every now and then: $89 for a hotel room, hot springs entrance, one hour in a private bath, and $25 toward dinner at selected (and delicious) restaurants in town. We’ll be back next year, if not before!


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