Summer goals: Pagosa Springs and Taos


Recently I have had an odd hankering to visit New Mexico. Although it’s just a state away, I have only ever driven through. Some friends of mine went to Taos last summer and came back with rave reviews of the place!  They told tales of little restaurants, art galleries, and shops, all surrounded by mysterious desert and mountains. Suddenly, New Mexico sounded exotic! Maybe we’ll chalk it up to the power of storytelling, but I still want to go! Taos is only a 7 (ish) hour drive from Denver and its surrounding areas seem to have great promise for camping and hiking…always a must on summer trips! Another place I have been wanting to go back to is Southern Colorado. I was there about 13 years ago and have heard so many stories of the towns and the San Juan Mountains that I don’t feel I can stay away much longer. Pictures of The Springs hot springs in Pagosa Springs solidified my desire to go there. The pools I saw in the pictures resemble Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone: old mineral deposits all built up into something resembling a frozen waterfall. And, the good news is, Pagosa Springs is only a 5 (ish) hour drive from Denver! So, I figure we’ll go to the hot springs, do some hiking, and head on down to New Mexico. I’m thinking June. Ahhh summer!


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  1. Taos is amazing and interesting! My brother lived there 2 years and the culture is so unique. Be sure to check out ojo caliente its a hot springs resort just outside of Taos!

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