DIY Safari


Step 1: Go somewhere with safari opportunities

Check! We leave for Kenya in 23 days! We are very fortunate in that we know someone who is letting us use his hut and car right outside of Samburu National Reserve. After hearing from him that the roads in the reserve are easy to navigate, we are planning to do some game drives in the park. We are shooting for a Do It Yourself type of safari, rather than paying someone hundreds of dollars to tote us around on safari. I hope this goes well! It sounds like it long as we don’t go driving in the rain and get stuck in the clay.

Step 2: Get a Bushka

Not to be confused with the similar Russian word for grandma (Babushka), this is a Bush Car. But when said by a Kenyan it is a Bushka. On our travels to Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve, we plan to use our friends Bushka to cruise around the game reserve.

Step 3: Get some local kids

This is weird. Let’s say there were great places to safari in Colorado. Would you ever think to drive into a neighborhood and wrangle kids to get in the back of your car and go on a game drive with you? Kids you don’t know. Would American parents ever let their kids get in a Bushka with two strangers/foreigners and go somewhere where there are lots of big animals that can eat children? The answer to both questions is no. This would never happen in America. However, in Kenya you can apparently get a discount if you are doing a “community service” of bringing children into the game reserve. So, make sure you pick up some discount kids. I’m sure they love the game drives as much as us tourists do!

Step 4: Avoid rain and mud

Bushka will get stuck.

Step 5: Head toward the river

Animals like water. We were told that near the river in Samburu we will see elephants, zebra, giraffes, gerenuk (awesome), and more.

Step 6: Hut sweet hut

Lastly, we will drop off our discount kids and head back to our hut. Check back in with us at the beginning of April to see our DIY safari is going!


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