The plans they are a changin’


It seems that the Kenyan Parliament has been very efficient lately in a way that is not the most convenient for us. Parliament recently changed the dates of the April school break and now the break, which was set to begin in early April, doesn’t start until April 13. We were planning on heading the the Girl’s Rescue Center first to work with a team from Greeley, CO on teaching some workshops and doing construction. But now the girls won’t arrive until mid-month. So, yesterday we got creative with our planning and everything changed in a whirl! This is life, I suppose. As anxious as I am to get back to the Girl’s Rescue Center in Maasailand, we have decided to first go north of Nairobi to Nanyuki and Samburu. It probably wouldn’t be very fun or productive for us to visit a Girl’s Rescue Center sans girls. Despite the change, I am super excited about our first leg of the trip! We sat down yesterday with a friend who does research in Samburu and he gave us the insider’s scoop on the area.From Nairobi we are going to head to Nanyuki, a small town with a pleasant climate, a lot of activist organizations, and great views of Mt. Kenya. We were told we could visit a private school here to help out. Apparently this school has avocados in their garden that are as big as your head…heavenly. We’ll then head up to Archer’s Post, the gateway town for Samburu National Reserve, where we intend on carrying out a “DIY safari.” Here we will stay at the Umoja Women’s Village tourist camp in Brett’s Hut…our friend has his own hut there. We will also visit the nearby Unity Women’s Village and help out in some schools. Hot afternoons, we were told, are usually spent sitting under the shade trees beading jewelry with the women and trying not to move much. We know what stores to go that won’t rip us off (Georges’ store…finding George could be a fun adventure), the name of the head of the local elephant conservation organization, and which matatus (local minibus transportation) will be the most comfortable for the trip up. It’s exciting to be going somewhere I’ve never been before right off the bat. 23 days until departure!


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