San Jose

Hostel Toruma, San Jose

Hostel Toruma in San Jose, Costa Rica

My boyfriend Alex and I got into San Jose on December 29, 2009 at about 5 in the morning. Frontier has a flight from Denver to Costa Rica for under $400 that flies from about midnight to 5 a.m. From the airport we hopped on a TUASA bus from Alejuela, where the airport is, to San Jose. The next task was to catch our first taxi and find Hostel Toruma. My first foreign taxi ride…what an adventure! We couldn’t find our hostel and our driver was all over the road as he called (or pretended to…we’re still not sure) to call other drivers. Meanwhile the meter was running, so to speak. After driving by the place at lease twice and not spotting it, we finally found it. Hostel Toruma is the old house of a Costa Rican president that served 3 terms. Imagine if the White House turned into a traveler’s hostel someday! The place was clean and quiet and we sat by the pool all day, recovering from our overnight flight. We went out to fetch lunch materials from the nearby corner store: crackers, soft white cheese, avocados, and juice boxes. These things would become a staple on our 18-day adventure around Costa Rica. Honestly, I only saw flashes of San Jose: buildings flying by on the cab ride, dirty streets and sidewalks, women’s jet black hair glistening in the humidity, and the ever-present KFC  across the street from our hostel. We are not city people and we know this and accept this about ourselves. We don’t get excited at the thought of tromping around cities, experiencing the restaurants and nightlife. Thus, San Jose was just a stop along the road to more exciting places for us.


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