A Quick Note on a Long Travel Day

View from our ferry across the Nicoya Penninsula

The view from our ferry across the Nicoya Peninsula.

January 2, 2010. We got an 8:30 a.m. bus from La Fortuna to Tilaran, where we arrived at 10:30 and had to wait for our next bus. . Here we at some croissant sandwiches and a brownie as big as our faces. The next ride was 2 and a half hours on a very hot and sticky school bus to Puntaranas. Originally we were planning on staying here, but the town seemed a little sketchy so we decided to head all the way to our final destination.This involved ferrying across to the Nicoya Peninsula–on a ferry that had karaoke– and getting on one more bus to Montezuma. When we finally arrived it was about 10 at night and we couldn’t find a bed. We ended up paying $8 to share a top twin bunk in a hostel, where we spent all night trying not to cuddle so we didn’t put too much weight on one part of the mattress!


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