La Fortuna waterfall and Debit Card Debacle


On December 31, 2009 Alex and I went to a waterfall about 3 or 4 miles from your hotel in town. We paid ten dollars and hiked down into the jungle valley for about half an hour. The path down was steep, with 456 steps. While Alex’s family friends watched, we ventured over the slick rocks into the small pool below the waterfall. There were choppy waves in the pool as the falls crashed down and we were the only two swimming there. We later learned that one of the dangers of swimming here is that logs or whole trees fall down upstream and some crashing down in the falls, surprising and sometimes injuring swimmers. Good thing there wasn’t a treefall that day. Before too long we went downstream to soak in the calmer pools with many more fish and people.

The second half of our journey on this day started after our New Year’s Eve dinner in town. Because we were planning on traveling the next day we decided to get money out of the ATM in La Fortuna. Costa Rican ATMs are looking out for you. By this I mean that it spits your card back out at you and, if you don’t grab it immediately, it eats is back up so you don’t get robbed. What a nice ATM, right! Well, my ATM card got eaten on the third day of our 18-day trip. Yikes. The next day we called the bank to cancel the card and emailed my already-nervous mother to tell her the bad news and get her help!


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