We spent four days in Montezuma, a decently busy little beach town with a lot of cafe-type restaurants. After leaving our shared twin bed at the hostel, we moved to the Montezuma Pacific Hotel, which was clean and simple and had an Iguana that tromped around the roof. The nearest town with a bank and post office is Cabano, just a short bus ride away. We passed through Cabano again when we traveled on from Montezuma and, while waiting for our bus, we sat in an open-air restaurant and spent two hours drinking one Coke. Spending hours drinking Coke mad with real sugar cane is one of my favorite memories from Costa Rica. Anywho, our activities in Montezuma included:

Playa Grande, Montezuma Cost Rica

Playa Grande, Montezuma Costa Rica

Beach days:

We spent a couple days being lazy on the beach and getting sunburned. Even when I’m wearing sunscreen I burn within half an hour in the sun near the equator. So, we spent a lot of time in the shade, mostly coming under the sun when we got in the ocean to cool off. We also spent a fair amount of time laughing at each other when we tried to jump over or go under waves. The best beach near Montezuma was Playa Grande, about a mile and a half walk from town. It’s so long that I felt we practically had the beach to ourselves. On the walk there we saw tons of plastic washed up on the shores. All this litter broke my heart! Where does it come from?

The bottom waterfall at Montezuma waterfalls

The bottom waterfall at the Montezuma waterfalls


One day we walked up out of town to three waterfalls. At the lowest falls there was a girl scrambling up the unsteady rock and mud next to the falls so she could jump in. Everyone at the bottom was nervous as clumps of mud fell out from beneath her feet. Yikes! We didn’t jump here, just went for a dip. Swimming in natural pools in the jungle is glorious! We then hiked up a steep hill to the top of the second waterfall, where there was a rope swing. There were people jumping here too…even scarier to me because they had to jump over a bush and couldn’t see the bottom of the waterfall. There was an older man there who lives in Alaska for the summer and Montezuma for the winter (that’s the life!). He was helping people know where to jump, as he said he had done himself 600 times. There was a group of boys there afraid to jump and a group of girls came up and jumped right away. Yay girl power!…I, personally, enjoyed the rope swing :). Maybe this is lame, but we had a ton of fun here.

Cece's signature butterfly farm face

Here I am freaking out at the butterfly farm.

The Butterfly Farm:

Upon coming to Costa Rica, I really wanted to visit a butterfly farm. When we visited Montezuma’s butterfly farm, I became frantic and terrified…just a little bit. The butterflies were gorgeous and interesting to watch, but I nearly had a panic attack when they fluttered around in my face. I didn’t know I would freak out so much over this…but that’s that. No more butterfly farms for me.

butterfly at the butterfly farm

I don't mind winged long as they are not near my face!











Cece tanning and trying to keep the sand out of her eyes

With such crazy winds and no chance at snorkeling, I had no choice but to get a tan and try to keep the sand out of my eyes.


One day we had great expectations of snorkeling at Isla Tortuga off of Montezuma’s coast. Our half hour boat ride to the island was bumpy, to say the least– I was flying off the seat and smashing back down. It was so windy and the ocean was full of choppy whitecaps. When we made it to the small island, we were told we couldn’t snorkel in the wind because it was dangerous and our visibility would be so low anyways. We laid on the beach being pelted by a relentless sand storm. I suppose this is good exfoliation at least! We had a fresh-cooked lunch on the beach and waited some more for the wind to die down. No luck 😦 Finally, we headed back to Montezuma without having seen a fish but for the ones on our plates!


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