6 days and counting…down!!


Well, I can tell it’s getting close to our departure date as I was up and going by 6:26 this morning. I am not the biggest fan of getting up this early, but with a million things on my mind I really had no choice. I guess I never realized that leaving the country to work on independent projects is quite a lot of darn work! It takes oodles of thought, brainstorming, and self-motivation to organize the things you want to do along the way.  This week has been full of planning, meetings, and running around to see a bunch of friends before we head out. We are discovering  that a few of our good friends – adventure seeker friends- will be gone for summer seasonal work before we get back. This means we might not see them for 4 to 6 more months, but that we now have people to visit in Yellowstone ( my absolute favorite place) and in Denali if our bank accounts allow! Additionally, I have been stewing up some ideas for magazine stories I would like to publish (the tricky part to being a freelance writer) and planning 10 hours of writing workshops that I will be teaching to 35 teenage girls. At first I was a little intimidated by this, but then I remembered how much I love helping people learn to write…now I am excited!  There are still quite a few things on the preparation lineup, but I know we’ll get there.  They days are dwindling away.


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