River of Lights


I don’t know what time it is and I hardly know what day it is on this, the third leg of our flight to Nairobi. It’s about 2p.m. Denver time but dark where we are. Despite this, I keep my window blind open the whole flight from Istanbul. I peer out periodically; I see only my reflection shining back from the vast darkness most of the time. But I know we are over the Sahara Desert because I am following our slow progress on the interactive flight map on the screen in front of me. I know the Nile is down there too and, soon enough, I know we are flying over it. There are curves of lights lining either bank, outlining the black river so I spot it from above. I can see the darkness of the water between the lights and the darkness of the dessert all around. The Nile. An oasis. It seems there is no life anywhere else; humans seek water just like other animals, after all.
Even on a 2 day plane ride in which lightning strikes the plane and turbulents have passengers throwing up, there are gems. I love seeing things from above. I love imagining the life and people and animals there. Seeing the Nile was a gem on this long journey, and it got my imagination rolling in all sorts of exotic directions.



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    • Cece-that comment above was from me. When you used my computer before you left you were signed in and I didn’t think to log out…oops! So anyway I am looking forward to traveling with you as I follow along on your blog! Blessings!

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