The Reason I LOVE Kenya


For a person who thought she’d never ever ever in a million years go to Africa (that’s me!) I sure have fallen in love with Kenya. Sure there’s corruption, crime, heat, bugs, snakes, pollution, dust, and traffic, but the people in Kenya are the reason I love this place. They are some of the happiest and most welcoming people I have ever met.

Today we spent the day with the girls from the Olooloitikoshi Girl’s Rescue Center in Kenya’s Kajiado District. These girls have all run away from home or been taken out of their homes to avoid female circumcision and early marriage. Since I first met these girls on my visit in 2010, they have occupied a large part of my heart, mind, and curiosity. So much of what I have learned in the past two years is because of the doors they opened by sharing their stories with me, a struggling writer. Seeing them today felt like coming back to good old friends. Seeing a couple of them in particular felt like coming home to sisters. In addition to seeing all the girls I met in 2010 I got to meet a couple of new ones, including the girl my family is sponsoring through secondary school!

Along with the team of people from Greeley that Alex and I are working with for part this trip, we surprised the girls at church today. Although I rarely go to church at home, church in rural Kenya is where you see rural Kenyans at their best I think. And I just can’t help but share that with you here:


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  1. My Darling Cecelia,
    This makes me so happy for you. You are in your element out there! I’ve been doing nothing but bragging about you to anyone and everyone! I miss you so much here but when I watch these girls smiling and dancing and singing, I know you and Alex couldn’t be anything but so excited and happy to be witnessing it, with BIG smiles! I’m following your blog very closely, can’t wait to here more about your adventures.
    All my love to you guys
    ❤ BG

  2. Today I showed this clip of the girls singing and dancing to my class. They were all so excited. We also looked at a couple of your other posts and I read some excerpts to them. We are going to follow along with you so post as many pics as you can or send them to my email so I can show the whole class. Love you both. Give your handsome traveling companion a big hug from his mama! 🙂

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