A Couple of Pictures


Alex and Cece with all the girls at the Olooloitikoshi Girl's Rescue Center in Maasailand, Kenya.

For some reason – probably slow internet connection- uploading pictures of our trip has been kind of difficult. Here are just a couple that I got to upload after a couple of tries!

Dancers at the Bomas of Kenya Cultural Center in Karen, Kenya. We took 22 girls from the OGRC here for a field trip yesterday!








Cece and Eliza

Here I am with Eliza, the girl at the OGRC who my family sponsors.



















Some of the OGRC girls with Alex at Bomas of Kenya. They warmed up to him as soon as he became the resident math and science tutor while we're here.


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  1. Hi “U 2”, Pictures you can upload are great. You guys ok wonderful. Addy and Maisy have to tell the class today about where they could go if they could choose anywhere. Maisy wants to go to China probably because of her love of Pandas. Addy wants to go to Africa, they both look your pictures on Facebook. Addy told me this morning that she is going to have you take her to Africa.
    Always keep on being Happily Lost.
    Love You Always.
    Grandma Darl

  2. PS – Charlie loves seeing your pictures. Whenever he sees you he says “there’s Aunt Cece”. He even found you in the big group picture. He really misses you!

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