Watching an Aspiring Journalist



Cece with Grace

Cece with Grace, an aspiring journalist at Kenya's Olooloitikoshi Girl's Rescue Center.

Grace takes my small tablet and pen gingerly, looking me right in the eye. She looks a little nervous.
“I’ll ask the first question, then you can go from there,” I tell her.
We are sitting with Tina Hagen, one of the founders of the Olooloitikoshi Girl’s Rescue Center, and Grace is about to interview her. Grace is 14 and wants to be a journalist. I just finished interviewing her about her time at the center and when I asked her what she wants to write about she said the history of the center. After I ask the first question of Tina, Grace is off and running with her own curiosities: When was the center started? Is there ever a shortage of funding? Did the founders have to seek help from other people in starting the center, or did they do it on their own? What is expected of the girls there?
The list goes on. I am impressed with Grace! When I was 14 I probably would have been too intimidated to sit down with an adult and inquire about their work. This girl is curious and contemplative, sometimes looking away to think up the perfect way to phrase her question. She is articulate, especially for someone who is speaking English as their second language.
At the end of her interview with Tina she is quietly proud. I tell her I will help her write a short story about Tina in a couple of days when we have a freer schedule. She nods, smirking up at me. I look away and look back to find her gone. She’s gone to the open computer lab to type up her notes. She’s so eager to get started. Or maybe this young journalist has a deadline I’m unaware of!


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  1. How wonderful that your having such a great impact on her desires. It’s true we are always in the right spot at the right time. Keep up the good work.

    Love you always.


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