Scuba Diving Certification Vacation? Yes, please!


About a month ago I had my first open water scuba diving experience, off the coast of Zanzibar. Despite my fears beforehand and an aching jaw – from clamping down on a regulator – afterward, I decided that I would love to get certified for open water diving. In Zanzibar I did a Discover Scuba Diving course. With the practice I did during this I am able to get a full certification with a bit less work and money! But, the kicker is that I have to do it within one year. That might just mean another vacation to somewhere sunny and salty…darn! It’s been three weeks since I got home from a two-month trip in Africa and I am already looking at plane tickets again. My, my! Shopping for plane tickets is a hobby/ addiction of mine. So, the other night I was reading my book on the couch and travelish thoughts starting bouncing around my brain. On I searched these countries for a December or January scuba trip: El Salvador, Panama, Honduras, Belize, Jamaica, St. Croix, St. Thomas, Guatemala, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Grand Cayman, and Little Cayman. I love the ease of the internet sometimes! Of course, I was looking for the cheapest place. Grand Cayman won, but Little Cayman sounds nicer (more iguanas on the island than people? Let’s go!) and it’s only a hundred dollars more to get there. And, if I search harder and am willing to fly at horrible times of night and day, I bet I could get it even cheaper than what I originally found. The really, really good news is that the Cayman Islands have some of the best scuba diving sites in the world. What a perfect place to get certified, eh?  My goal is set! Step one, as always, is to find a job to pay for this excursion.


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