Bikes, Boats, and Automobiles: How We Saw Foliage on Our Vermont Honeymoon



P1100135When you think ‘honeymoon’ what comes to mind? Hawaii? Mexico? Jamaica? All amazing options, no doubt about it. But when Alex and I thought ‘honeymoon,’ or rather, ‘honeymoon in October,’ we thought the northeast corner of the U.S. sounded like a pretty good option. I’m a sucker for fall and have been since childhood. In fact, when I told my childhood best friend that Alex and I were getting married in October and honeymooning in Vermont her response was, “Awww, just like you’ve wanted since we were little!” Ain’t that sweet? So, on October 7 we departed for Burlington, Vermont. We decided to make Newport, Vermont our home base during our 5-day stay. We rented a studio apartment over a local’s garage. From here, we enjoyed uninterrupted views of Lake Memphramagog , as well as uninterrupted access to the lake and its encompassing bike trail. We rented a car and our hosts lent us some of their toys: bikes, kayaks, and a canoe. Off we went to see the oranges, yellows, reds, and purples!

Town of Newport as seen from the Eastside restaurant deck.

Town of Newport as seen from the Eastside restaurant deck.

By bike: One afternoon we decided to ride our bikes into the town of Newport

The Newport bike path.

The Newport bike path.

for happy hour at the Eastside restaurant. It was about 4 miles one way, and at 600-something feet above sea level I felt like I could pedal for a million miles. Oxygen is great. The bike trail from our rental unit took us along the lake’s edge and then on a little tour through town. The forest in the northeast is much different than the forest in Colorado’s mountains.  It’s thicker, shaggier, darker, more mysterious. The dying leaves and grasses tangle together to create a seemingly impenetrable wall. Not to mention the shadows that invite thoughts of mythical creatures. I swear, I was sober (it’s hard not to be at 600 feet above sea level…sheesh!) Well, we went along, enjoying the forest and the crispy, crunchy sounds of a fall bike ride. On our ride back, we saw the forest in a different light: sunset light. The pink came through the leaves, accenting the warm fall colors. Right in the middle of all this tall, tangled forest I was in heaven. And, of course, Alex slyly mentioned that there are some places you just can’t get to with 4 wheels. True story.


Bike ride sunset over Lake Memphremagog in Newport.

Bike ride sunset over Lake Memphremagog in Newport.










By boat: As mentioned, we were very generously lent kayaks and a canoe, and P1100064spent two mornings in these glorious watercrafts. This is extra special. We own cars. We own bikes. We do not own boats (yet). In contrast to the bike ride, during which we were in the forest, from the boats we were awarded far-reaching views of the colorful trees lining the lake, the red rolling over the surrounding hills, and the naked, gray side of Jay Peak. I’ve never been in a boat as late as October, and it sparked a subtle nostalgia for summer days, and a gratitude for the few warm days left. I suppose it’s when an end is in sight that you most enjoy what it is that’s ending. With all my favorite colors surrounding me, and only the lapping sound of paddle meeting water (not to mention the joyous fact that I just got married!!!) it was easy to appreciate these moments.



By automobile:  Car rentals are expensive when you’re not yet 25 years old (onlyP1100009 3 months short!) A big boo hiss to this fact! However, the peppy little Ford Focus we rented was one of our main forms of entertainment. At least that’s what we told ourselves at first to justify the cost. But it turned out to be true. You can read more about our scenic driving routes in Vermont here , but I’ll just give ya a sneak peak. First of all, who doesn’t love that swish-crunch sound of a fall drive with the windows down? Mmmmm… that says relaxation.  The fun part about fall drives is that it’s just kind of a blur of color on some of these country lanes. Sidenote: ‘Lane’ was my choice word on these drives. Definition (mine, that is): a road or path lined closely

Gotta love blurry fall driving pictures!

Gotta love blurry fall driving pictures!

by trees on both sides. Lane. Anyways, we have a lot of blurry, orange pictures to prove that we drove down a lot of blurry, orange lanes. The whole landscape of Vermont is (duh) much different than that of Colorado. It’s rolly instead of pointy, mainly. We passed horse pastures, barns, roadside cider stands, tractors on the road, white-steepled churches, covered bridges, regular bridges, and a whole lot of cemeteries. Alex’s explanation: People have been on this side of the country longer, so they’ve had much longer to die. This makes sense. Moving on…

Driving is handy. Driving with no destination is great. Choosing each turn as you come up to it is, well, kind of like how I see marriage.

And that’s a good honeymoon discovery, right?



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