Our Table: Adventures in the Food Realm

Sharing a mini-pie at the historic Gifford House in Capitol Reef.

I don’t have many food pictures, so this will have to do for now! 🙂

If you’ve been following this blog it might be confusing to you that I am now including posts about cooking and food. Reason: This blog is growing!

Let me explain. This blog started out as a way to document all the places I’ve been physically ‘lost’ in life. In other words, it started as a way to share my travels in Colorado and elsewhere. However, it is now growing to include some non-physical places I’ve been lost in life, like the kitchen, for one. Reason: it’s come to my attention that many twenty-somethings, like myself, are pretty, well, lost.

We’re lost in love, lost in the kitchen, lost in money-handling, lost in career-growth, lost in relationship-building. Correct me if I’m wrong, please, but it seems fairly universal. Quarter-life crises abound!

But it also seems that we all try to keep in mind, for the sake of not driving ourselves crazy, that being lost is part of life’s journey and adventure.

So, I bring to you adventures with food! I suppose this will include recipes, successes, failures, thoughts on food, discoveries about food… and who knows what else! 

Perhaps a good place to start would be to briefly explain how lost I once was in the kitchen. Sophomore year of college (about, errrr, 5 years ago now) I was so stoked to be moving into an apartment with MY OWN KITCHEN! Who isn’t excited about this after eating all that nasty dorm food? I tried and tried to cook and cook and it seemed like everything I did just made a huge mess and turned out really bland. I remember one particular attempt at making eclairs. What started out as an inspired moment to make a yummy Saturday treat turned into a very sticky, crying, mental breakdown. Guh. Who was there to offer wisdom? Alex, of course. He said something like, “It’s okay! It takes practice to learn to cook…it’s not like it’s something you just suddenly know how to do.” True story.

Wait, I forgot to mention the time in high school that I tried to make Alex an ice cream cake. Running short on time, I baked two cakes, let them cool for about 10 minutes, and proceeded to slather spumoni on them. Of course, it immediately started to melt. Gross. To try and salvage this soggy mass, I slapped the two cakes together, smeared frosting all over it and stuck it in the freezer. Maybe I thought the ice cream would return to its original state? Who knows? This did not happen. What did happen was that the frosting froze to freezer rack and when I pulled the thing out, the whole top ripped off. Sigh.

So lost. And I, of course, still have moments like this. I’m sure you’ll be hearing all about them.

Although I did successfully craft Alex an ice cream cake this past Valentine’s Day (!!!!!), I still don’t think of myself as any kind of food master (foodie), culinary expert, or kitchen miracle-worker, but I like to cook and I like to write, so here we are. 

I hope you enjoy 🙂



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