My Everyday Kale Smoothie

My Everyday Kale Smoothie

My Everyday Kale Smoothie

“What is that green stuff!?”

I’ve heard the question plenty of times when I break out my jar full of green smoothie at work. 

The answer: it’s a kale smoothie.

I’m a huge fan of kale because of its health benefits and its versatility. While it makes a great addition to many pasta dishes and soups, the easiest way to consume this superfood every day is in smoothie form. 

This smoothie definitely looks like it wouldn’t taste that good…but it’s actually super sweet and fruity. If it weren’t for its green-ness, you would never even know it’s loaded with kale. 


2 cups frozen fruit medley

1 large leaf of kale, or 2 small leaves

1 and 1/2 cups of orange juice

1 banana

Water as needed

Makes 32 ounces, 2 large servings for my husband and I

In the order they are listed, put all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. 

photo (2)


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    • Putting it in a smoothie is a great way to “sneak” it into your diet! Just make sure you blend it up until it’s really smooth. I love to use kale as a replacement for spinach, like in soups or pasta!

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