Love Your Neighbors: Adventures in Utah, 2014


Alex and I are pretty lucky to have (mostly) great neighbors. Neighbor states, that is. After working for two summers in Yellowstone, I am certain I will have a lifelong love of our neighbor state of Wyoming, and I take any opportunity I can to share that with Alex. Kansas…welll…it’s flat, so we don’t find many recreating opportunities there. But I do have some family there, so that’s something to love about it! And plains’ sunsets are pretty alright too. New Mexico is a place we haven’t spent a lot of time, but it sure seems like it has a lot to offer and there are plenty of New Mexico spots on our ‘bucket list,’ like Taos, Truth and Consequences, the Balloon Festival, and Carlsbad Caverns. Plus, we just spent a few days visiting friends on the Jicarilla-Apache Reservation in Dulce, NM and that was a huge learning experience for us. And that brings us to our final neighbor: Utah. Our love for Utah has really grown over the last couple years. We especially love an April visit to Utah now that we live in Fraser. Utah in April can still be brisk and spring-like, but it’s unquestionably warmer than Fraser in April. Plus, an April visit to Utah really scratches our itch for summer backpacking season that starts to creep up in the spring.

This year, we spent one extremely windy day exploring the blobbish rock formations of Goblin Valley State Park. In the early evening, the winds picked up to about 50 mph and all the campers ran for their cars. After scooping up our wind-blown and broken tent, we spent the rest of our night in the car, drinking grown up apple juice drinks, eating a bag of chips for dinner, and just being silly weirdos.Despite the weather, or maybe because of it, it ended up being quite a fun night of (literally) car camping. After a delicious breakfast with a view of the Goblins the next day, we did an awesome hike in nearby Little Wild Horse Canyon before heading to Capitol Reef National Park for a couple days of backpacking!

In Capital Reef, we set our sights on the Spring Canyon area and camped in a side canyon for two nights. Although we didn’t mean to end up in a side canyon (it was truly a happily lost moment!) we were lucky to find a beautiful red-rock alcove to pitch our tent in. We didn’t see a fellow human at any point in our side canyon, which we named ‘Alex and Cece’s Spring Canyon.’ We spent a lot of time in our alcove home, cooking, eating, relaxing, and climbing about on rocks. During our one full day in the Spring Canyon area, we went on a long journey to refill our water bottles at the only spring in Spring Canyon.

Here’s a photo story of our adventure:


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