Tuesday Talk: Mud Season makes me grumpy!


If ever there is a time of year in Fraser when I feel bitter and utterly grumpy, it’s now: mud season. I try to embrace our “Spring,” but I feel that it’s unfair to even call it that. Nothing is blooming, the butterflies are not buzzing, and the air is not filled with the scent of flowers. If, a few weeks ago, things were trying to spring to life, they are hidden now by a fresh blanket of wet, heavy snow that has been coming down for the better part of 3 days.

It was the same thing last year: mud season finds me more tense and antsy than any other time of year. Inside my head I am saying “hurrummph,” and crossing my arms every time I look out the window and see the gray sky and the falling snow. I ache for hiking season, and for the warm sun on my bare arms. My body feels it too. I am more tired and a little achy from not being as active as I normally am; the mountains are my gym, and when the weather is gross it’s hard to motivate myself to get out.

My best strategies for surviving mud season are a few good books, a few good movies, lots of good and healthy food, yoga, pilates, trips to Denver, and, on better days, a walk or bike ride. I long for the first hike that will take me above tree line this year. And I daydream about the day (in less than 6 weeks…Yayyy!!!) that we wake up in hot, sticky, tropical Ecuador. Okay…I can’t complain too much!

For now, I’ll try to keep my “hurrummmph-ing” and arm crossing to a minimum while I wait for Fraser to change from a wet, muddy, cold, windy sink hole into a summer paradise.


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