Tuesday Talk: Busy and Forgetful


Busy and forgetful. These are my little excuses for not posting for a couple weeks. Summer has settled into Fraser and with it a certain laziness into my brain. Time seems to mean less with more hours of daylight… I’ve been kind of forgetting what day of the week it is lately! Zoinks. 

But this scatter-brained forgetfulness is brought on by busy-ness it seems. Here’s what’s been goin on:

Planning a trip to Ecuador! We leave in 5 days for 6 weeks in Ecuador..we are stoked! I guess we haven’t been planning so much as preparing, doing things like coordinating houseplant sitters, acquiring all the proper clothing for Ecuador’s wacky climate, getting our grown up affairs in order, and trying to soak up all the warm Fraser fun before we go. As far as planning goes, here’s what’s on the agenda so far: 2 weeks at Spanish School in the cloud forest town of Pucara, hot springs in Apuela, chocolate festival and  jungle exploring in Tena and Banos, a ride on the Nariz del Diablo train, hiking in Cajas Ntl. Park, coast time with perhaps some whale-watching and a journey to the Isla de Plata, the “poor man’s Galapagos. And whatever else strikes our fancy!

It’s the last week of school! We both work in schools and there’s a lot to wrap up this week. Not to mention the buzzing end-of-school energy of hundreds of small children… That’s enough to exhaust a person in itself! 

We have had a lot of family/ Denver time. In the last 5 weeks we had the birth of a niece, both my parents birthdays, my sisters’ joint baby shower, Mother’s Day, and a farewell to Alex’s mom before she left for 9 weeks in Africa. 

So there’s the long version of my excuse for not writing. I’ll be sharing stories from Ecuador starting next week 🙂 


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