Gimp’s tour of Cuenca, Ecuador


Well, we are back from Ecuador now and I realize I got a little lazy about posting for the last couple of weeks. Dealing with a gimpy ankle and trying to concentrate in internet cafes just wasn’t the most conducive to creative thinking, I guess! Still, I am going to play catch up here and post about the last bits of our trip.

In my last post I shared the tale of how I got injured in the beautiful, colonial city of Cuenca, Ecuador. The first few days after the ankle injury were pretty boring, but then Alex found some crutches for rent so we were up and moving again.

At least if I was bound to get an injury in Ecuador, I was glad it happened in Cuenca. This is a city full of great museums and food…so basically we gimped around learning about history and sat around getting fat 🙂

Yay for crutches!

Yay for crutches!

Our first stop was the Museo de Arqueologia, where we wandered through the 11 stations, looking at pottery and stone carvings both ancient and modern.




The next day we paid $5 each to do a double-decker bus tour of the city. From the top of our bus we enjoyed views of some of Cuenca’s 52 churches and the colonial buildings and houses.We stopped at a mirador/ viewpoint on the outskirts of the city to see the sweeping views of the city and the surrounding mountains. Seeing the mountains of Cajas National Park, where we were planning on hiking before the ankle injury, made me a smidgen sad.


The Cathedral Nueva

The Cathedral Nueva

At the mirador with the city of Cuenca behind us.

At the mirador with the city of Cuenca behind us.

Finally, we visited one of the biggest museums in Cuenca: the Museo del Banco Central. Here we found exhibits on both archaeology and anthropology, as well as a large model of Inca living that was built out back of the museum.

Alex couldn't help himself from doing crutch tricks.

Alex couldn’t help himself from doing crutch tricks.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside of this museum, but Alex took some of the Inca farm model, while I waited for him at the museum. This sprawling outdoor exhibit was too much for me to handle on crutches!

Llamas outside the museum

Llamas outside the museum


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