Tuesday Talk: Zenergy


My, my it’s about time I get back to writing.

I’ve realized something recently: I believe that routine really has something to do with how ideas flow through my brain, and with my creativity. If it is in my routine to have time set aside to sit down and write and think every day, then I am much more likely to do it, and to keep the brain moving and the ideas flowing!

For many other reasons, breaking routines is very necessary and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to break routine on breaks from the school where I work. However, as school starts back up, I am trying to get back into some semblance of a writing routine (and many other routines that I am not quite as excited about 🙂 )

Also with the start of school I have been thinking a lot lately about a word I recently made up (I think) : Zenergy.

After spending the majority of the summer with just Alex, some family, friends, and a bunch of Ecuadorian strangers, it’s slightly overwhelming to walk into a school of 200 students, their 400 parents, and 20 odd staff members….all wanting to know how you are, how your summer was, what’s wrong with your ankle, what’s going on, how was your trip…and a host of other questions. I love it!…but it is overwhelming. And just to top off my nice cup of overwhelm I chose to take a new position in the school this year; I am now the library and media gal! I also love this!…it is also overwhelming.

Why am I telling you this again?

Oh yeah, Zenergy!

See…I need it.

‘Zen’ is that thing that I believe has a connotation involving these things: Om, yoga, deep breathing. Urban dictionary tells me that it is “a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being. It also is a state of mind. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts.” Zen is also a school of buddhism that started in China.

‘Energy’ is that thing that I believe has a connotation involving these things: buzzing, running about, accomplishing many things. The dictionary tells me that it is “the capacity for vigorous activity.”

Zenergy is what I am striving for! Yes, I want and need to accomplish many things during the day at home and at work. That is why I want to have energy. And yes, I certainly want to accomplish them in a calm, totally focused state of mind instead of vigorously running about in a frenzied state while I complete tasks (I see many school workers doing this 🙂 ). That is why I want to ‘have’ zen.

When I really try to stay on top of monitoring my Zenergy levels throughout the day (specifically the Zen part) I find that I am less stressed, happier, more willing to go with the flow, more willing to help people out, and just generally in a better state of mind when the work day ends. And then my Zenergy transfers to the homefront so when I get home I don’t feel like I have been habitually rushing around like a crazy lady all day, and I know it’s okay to not rush around at home.

Thus, Zenergy is a challenge and a gift, and quite an outstanding new word discovery, I think 🙂


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