Tuesday Talk: ‘Cheers, to adventure finding us when we’re not looking for it’


This Tuesday Talk is a day late. Here’s why:

It’s about 10a.m on Monday morning and Alex and I are sitting on the edge of a bridge in Silver Plume, Colorado, drinking coffee and eating a croissant. Normally at 10a.m. on a Monday morning we would be at school. But we’ve called in. Despite the circumstances that led us here, to the bridge next to the babbling creek flanked by yellow-leafed trees, the morning is beautiful. I smile and raise my coffee cup to cheers Alex.

“Cheers,” I say. “To adventure finding us when we’re not looking for it.”

He laughs and we clink our paper cups as best as we can.

Our weekend in itself was a good adventure: hiking and wining and dining in Telluride, Colorado with Alex’s brother. We left Telluride Sunday at about 1pm, reality of the upcoming school week setting in as we embarked on our 6 hour drive home. Little did we know that our 6 hour journey was about to turn into a 28 hour journey.

Within an hour of home, our car died. It was 8:30 at night and we couldn’t get a tow truck for 4 hours. Alex cussed. Exhausted and slightly hungover, our very unplanned and very real adventure began! Lucky to have all of our camping gear with us, we slept in the car that night. In the morning we went through a series of events, trying to get the car over the hill and home.

While we were debating what to do, an industrial truck pulled in and began working on the far side of their car. I asked them if they had an air compressor and was answered by a mustached mountain man: “What do you think young lady.” He pointed to his associate, fixing a flat tire. We used their air compressor to blow out our fuel filter, as we thought it was clogged. Then we jumped the car, and she started right up!

We cheered.

We got on the highway, the car died, and we coasted 6 miles with no engine and pulled off at the next exit. Here, Alex’s other brother met us with a new fuel pump. Waiting for him is when we found the time for a cup of coffee and a rest in the sun by the creek. So, we installed the new fuel filter…no luck.

All day we’d been in touch with a tow truck driver, and decided that now was the time to have him come retrieve us. We waited some more. Then we got towed into nearby Idaho Springs. We hung out in the park there while the mechanic figured out what was wrong.

The fuel pump had gone out. Even though we replaced it 2 years ago. I cussed.

We had missed the bus going toward home.

We called Alex’s 3rd brother for a lift, got home about 21 hours later than planned, went to work Tuesday, went to Idaho Springs to retrieve the car.

And we remind ourselves that sometimes the unplanned adventures are the true adventures 🙂


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