Intentional Blogging Challenge: Focus


Over the weekend I received Lesson 2 for the Intentional Blogging Challenge, and it is all about focus. There was one line in the email that really caught my eye: “The rule of thumb is: The more you narrow your focus, the more you broaden your audience.”

I heard a similar saying once that I quite liked as well: A jack of all trades is a master of none.

Goodness gracious does that sound like me! I am flitty. A little jumpy. Perhaps overly interested in gaining varied experience?

You know that saying ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket,’ meaning don’t put all your energy into one thing? Well, I have always been more of a ‘too many baskets not enough eggs’ kind of gal, meaning that I have so many interests and sometimes not enough energy for all of them.

While I don’t believe this is bad-it has led me a lot of cool places- a little focus would indeed be nice sometimes!

My blog, as you may know, is made up of recipes and stories from outdoor adventure and travel. These things may not seem to fit together…at all. But I swear I had a point in doing this. Well…kind of. One point was that I was interested in expanding the blog last winter and I was quite into cooking, so I decided to mesh the two.

But there are two, more intentional, reasons that I did this as well. Here’s why it made sense to me.

Reason one : My blog subject is exploration. This blog started as a way to document trails, then travels, then adventures in the kitchen as I learned how to cook. All of this, in my flitty mind, falls under the category of ‘ways that I am exploring the world at this time in life.’ This theme is also a bit of an excuse: it gives a jumpy writer like me a perfect umbrella under which to expand endlessly if desired!

Reason two: The less ‘strong’ but equally valid reason for my blog being what it is is that I share information on travel and outdoor adventure, and I believe that a person needs to be fairly healthy to embark on these types of adventures. Therefore, I like the idea of sharing recipes that fuel the body for adventures! However, I don’t feel like this idea is very clear or rounded out on my blog.

So, intentional blogging friends, (and anyone else, of course) it looks like I might need a little bit of help in narrowing, or making more clear, my blog theme. How can I tie together my passions for outdoors and travel adventures with my passion for cooking and fueling your body for these adventures?

How can I, or do I need to, narrow my focus to broaden my audience?




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