Happy Birthday Peace Corps!


On March 1, 1961 John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps as a way to promote world peace and friendship through three goals: to help people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women, to help promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of people served, and to help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.

Nearly 220,000 Americans have been sent to serve in about 140 countries since then. Pretty cool! And 63% of currently serving volunteers are female! Woohoo for girl power 😉 !! Only 6% of currently serving volunteers are married, and 38% work in education, like Alex and I will be.

On March 1, 2014 we applied to join this organization, and are now looking forward to our 27-month-long journey working as teachers in Mozambique.

Happy Birthday Peace Corps!

Life in the Peace Corps will not be easy. There will be no salary and allowances will be at a level sufficient only to maintain health and meet basic needs. Men and women will be expected to work and live alongside the nationals of the country in which they are stationed—doing the same work, eating the same food, talking the same language.
But if the life will not be easy, it will be rich and satisfying. For every young American who participates in the Peace Corps—who works in a foreign land—will know that he or she is sharing in the great common task of bringing to man that decent way of life which is the foundation of freedom and a condition of peace.

-John F. Kennedy, 1961

Courtesy of the Miller Center, University of Virginia.


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