Tuesday Talk: The Spirit of Adventure


We often think of adventures as grand, great, and exotic. Under this definition of the word, there are many exciting adventures to be had in my life in the next 7ish months: a trip to Utah, a trip to Yellowstone, preparing for Peace Corps. In addition to these physical-types of adventures, there are lots of emotional adventures coming up too: visits from friends, family birthdays, holidays, and weddings. We are even starting to think about the mini-adventures that will fill the space between all these big events as Spring greets us and fades into summer: canoe and backpacking trips in Grand County, bike rides on our favorite trails, family camping trips.

It’s a time of great anticipation; it seems that the beginning of Spring feels this way every year.

There are so many adventures to be had!

But today, in the midst of giddy anticipation of wonderful things to come, I think more about how to enjoy the spirit of adventure in my everyday life.

While we may think of adventure as grand, great, and exotic, the spirit of adventure is what really creates desire for adventure within us, right? The spirit of adventure drives us to plan grand, great, and exotic things; it’s what drives us to explore, to be curious, to take notice of things around us, to seek out knowledge.

In the spirit of adventure- everyday adventure- I remember the fun of cooking a new recipe, cross-country skiing on new trails or taking comfort in the familiarity of favorite trails, reading a new book, and learning a new language one darn vowel sound at a time.

So, until it’s time for all those big adventures, there are so many ways to remember the spirit of adventure each day 🙂


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