Shoes, and other reasons why I feel slightly crazy


I have spent an inordinate amount of time this week thinking about shoes.

It’s quite unlike me.

I don’t even own that many pairs of shoes….

for a girl.

However, we recently discovered the plethora of awesome discounts offered by various companies to Peace Corps Volunteers. Woo hoo for discounts! And for some reason, this just makes me want to buy new, expensive shoes. At 50% off it’s quite tempting.

One bigger reason I am thinking so much about shoes might be because my 8-month-old sprained ankle (from the Evil Ecuadorian Curb incident, if you’ll recall) is frequently paining me. Another reason is because I am thinking so much about packing for Peace Corps….which is absolutely crazy. I don’t need to start packing for months, and there are many much, much more important things to be done before then! Why can’t I stop thinking about packing and shoes? I certainly do not want to be obsessing about such a thing for the next (at least) five months. That’s just silly.

I am comforted, at least, by coming across oodles of blog posts about packing for Peace Corps…at least I’m not the only one that’s crazy a little bit.

But can I justify these thoughts by saying that packing represents a lot of other stuff?

Like moving, leaving, wrapping up, and starting over? LIke prepping, planning, thinking through? Like shedding, prioritizing, making choices?


But maybe I just want some new Tevas 🙂

Happy ‘Friday’ from the land of four-day work weeks!


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