Tuesday Talk: March Nostalgia


It’s always around this time of year that I get super nostalgic for East Africa. Five Marches ago I was preparing for my first trip to Kenya and three Marches ago I was preparing to go back and stay a bit longer. Last March, I published In the Place of Many Zebras: Stories from Kenya on Culture, Courage, and Change, finally bringing my time in Kenya full circle. This all makes me feel like one lucky gal. And, somehow, every year my internal clock realizes it’s March, and I find myself aching for Africa for a few weeks. This year, it seems particularly intense, as we are starting to think about our preparations for returning to eastern Africa for Peace Corps.

Birds chirping bring on the nostalgia, as I remember hearing the Yellow Weaver birds in Kenya and thinking about American springtime. The smell of diesel fuel, Vaseline-brand aloe vera lotion, and….trash all conjure instant feelings of being in Kenya, even more-so this time of year. And just something about March makes me painfully nostalgic for my time spent in Kenya, for the feel of cool, misty mornings and warm afternoon sun, for the silly girls of the Olooloitikoshi Girl’s Rescue Center, and – a bit more existentially 😉 – for a more naive me.

Here’s to good memories! Happy Tuesday 🙂

The group of girls at the GRC in 2010

Me with Eunice, my wise Kenyan "little sister."

Me with Eunice, my wise Kenyan “little sister” in 2012.

Me with, Eunice, my Kenyan "little sister" in 2010

Me with Eunice, my Kenyan “little sister” in 2010.

Kenya Sunset

Stopped the car to watch this gorgeous sunset in rural Kenya in 2010.

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