Mud Season Mudslides


The ski resort is closed, things are melting, afternoon rainstorms are replacing snow, and there are approximately 5 cars in the grocery store parking lot at any given time.

It’s officially mud season in Fraser.

This is the season in the mountains that falls between ski season and hiking season. I hesitate to even call seasons by their real names anymore, as the above seem to be more fitting. Mud season generally comes with increased inactivity and melancholy; gloomy skies that Coloradans aren’t used to, coupled with muddy trails means that we find ourselves staying in a bit more, being lazy, cooking and eating and drinking, and trying to enjoy this season of down time.

So, in the true spirit of mud season boredom, we were driven to inventiveness in the kitchen this weekend, which resulted in Mud Season Mudslides.

Instead of using vanilla ice cream and vodka paired with Kahlua, Bailey’s, and cream, we picked ingredients for a dairy-free (Cece approved!) mudslide, and used cafe latte-flavored ice cream for an extra coffee-flavor kick. Here’s what we did:


6 ice cubes

6 scoops of coffee-flavored ice cream (we used Cocunut Dream Cafe Latte)

2 cups almond milk

3 shots Kahlua

2 shots white rum

1 square dark chocolate, grated or shaved

Makes 2 Mud Season Mudslides

Step 1: Blend all ingredients. Top with shaved chocolate and enjoy!


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