Tuesday Talk: The Big 3


Are you getting excited? Are you getting nervous?

I have been hearing these two questions here and there lately, and I awkwardly stumble over my reply: “Yes! I am excited…kinda nervous..for what? Which? What thing?”

Most people, I find, are showing interest in our big upcoming transition into the Peace Corps. As a girl who attempts to organize life through compartmentalizing sometimes, it seems like there are 3 big Transitions coming up in the next 4 months.

Right now, it feels like we are barreling head first into the first big Transition: school ending! There are 10 days left of school, lots of excitement, lots of stress, lots to get done, and lots to soak in. When school ends, our whole pace of life changes; summer life is so different than school life that it really does feel like two realities! And this year, we really feel that sense of wrapping up, of things truly ending here (for now :)). So our first excitement and our first feat is to get used to complete and total FREEDOM…sounds hard, right? 😉

After we enjoy our mountain summer of hiking, biking, doing whatever the heck we want, it will be time for big Transition number 2: moving out of our apartment, and leaving the lovely Grand County. Once we go through the large task of deciding what of our stuff to keep or get rid of, pack it up, move it Denver, and probably have a few good cries, we will be ready to begin our  month and a half (ish) of gypsying around: more camping, some weddings, a possible canoe trip to Yellowstone, and few weeks of family time in Denver. Thus, our second excitement and feat will be to really say goodbye to this place we love.

Finally, when Fall starts to roll around we will really be getting ready for big Transition number 3: leaving for Mozambique. Yes, there will be lots of logistics to think about: packing and repacking, making arrangements for plane tickets, and savoring lots of yummy American food. What makes me nervous about this big Transition is thinking about leaving our families for a while…that’s pretty much it, and it’s a big one. I don’t feel nervous about much else… yet :). What makes me excited is to think about doing something so new and different, getting deep into another culture, meeting people, learning a new language, sharing this time with our families, and just getting lost in the world in a whole new way. When I think about this transition, I think the big feat will be….hmmm…not freaking out 🙂

I am grateful to have these three distinct ‘phases.’ Of course, they are all related…but somehow distinct in my mind. I find comfort in knowing that these three things won’t happen in a matter of days, but over the course of a few months, giving me time to enjoy, reflect, and center myself amidst all this change!

So, yes, as things start changin’ as they do, I am a little nervous and mostly excited! Transition 1: commence! We are ready for sunshine and freedom 🙂


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