Tuesday Talk: Popsicles and Portuguese


We are in a tug of war right now: enjoy our dwindling time in the States as much as we can and simultaneously prepare for our upcoming departure to Mozambique. Be here, but be thinking about the near future…a lot. Enjoy the present, but prepare for what’s coming up. Between playing outside and packing boxes, spending time with family and spending time researching I think we are doing a pretty good job of balancing our tug of war.

Mostly, it’s manifesting in two ways: eating a lot of popsicles (and frozen treats of all varieties) and working every day on Portuguese.

That pretty much says it all.

As we begin to realize the many small things we will do without for two years- like frozen treats- we don’t hesitate at all to enjoy them almost daily.

And as we begin to realize the vastness of this upcoming change, we work on the one thing we can right now that we know will help us feel more comfortable in Mozambique: learning the language.

Happy Tuesday, and here’s to two and a half more months of happy treat-eating and independent language study.


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