Tuesday Talk: Live in each season


I’ve taken to buying brands of tea that provide me with some kind of small inspiration- a quote or an affirmation- every time I brew a cup.

I’ve come across great ones:

To be calm is the highest achievement of the self.

I hope this day brings you peace, tranquility, and harmony.

Be well.



The power of small tea tags has become quite significant for my emotional well-being. This was even more true during the school year, when these small tags would be taped to my computer at work, stuck to the fridge at home, and set carefully in various other places to be found later.

And exactly this happened today. 

With just a couple days left in Grand County, we are getting ready for big transition number 2. After a morning out canoeing, we were clearing and packing, and cleaning this afternoon when Alex found one of my favorite tea tags. There were the words of Henry David Thoreau, reminding me to “live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit.”

I remember ripping this from a tea bag  in the dreary days of May mud season, trying desperately to not feel squeamish during that yucky time of year.

Now, as the second half of 2015 becomes a queue of transitions, a practice in adapting, these words stick with me again.

Take it in: the excitement along with the nerves, the curiosity along with the unknown, the endings along with the beginnings, the joys along with the frustrations.

Live in this season of change. Observe it carefully as it goes by. Breathe it in. Drink it up. And taste the fruits.


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