Peace Corps Staging, By the Numbers


Here we are in Philadelphia, soaking up our last few days of America as well as lots and lots and lots and lots of information about the Peace Corps. I still hope to get in 1 more serving of bacon and at least 1 more chai tea latte. There’s 1 more day to enjoy Philadelphia before we get up at 2 a.m. Thursday morning for our long journey. Facts and acronyms and numbers are swimming through our brains right now; Here’s a few for you:

1961 is the year President Kennedy started the Peace Corps.

Peace Corps Volunteers have served in 140 countries, and currently serve in 64 countries.

220,000 people have served in the Peace Corps….comforting to know that nearly a quarter million other Americans have gone through the joys and challenges that we are facing and about to face 🙂

6,818 people are currently serving in the Peace Corps.

38 percent of volunteers are in the education sector, like us!

28 is the average age of Peace Corps Volunteers.

156 volunteers are currently serving in Mozambique.

63 people are in our training class!

1 other Coloradan is in our training class.

0 other married couples in our training class.

2 people in our class fluent in Portuguese.

16 hours to fly from New York to Mozambique.


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