A Very Merry Mapinhane Christmas


This was the first Christmas of our 26 years that Alex and I have had without family around us. It seemed odd, and we offered early on to host Christmas for other Peace Corps Volunteers in our area. For many of them it was the first Christmas away from home and/or away from family as well.

This Christmas looked a lot different for many of us: we didn’t have family around, there was no snow on the ground, there were not many presents, and just a bit of decoration. We did our best with festive music and movies, and we ate, drank, and stayed merry for our first Moz Christmas.


A happy entryway full of friends’ shoes 🙂


Tent city in our backyard.


Eating well! Christmas Eve morning cinnamon rolls, baked both dutch oven and toaster oven style.


Dish Elves have a lot of work with 13 people in the house.


Andrew reliving his happy childhood EZ Bake oven days by helping out with sugar-cookie making.


Success, sprinkled with American Christmas joy!


Christmas chalk art gallery.


The lighting of the palms, using battery-powered LED lights.


Our PCV fam after everyone hung a paper ornament on the tree and shared a Christmas memory or tradition with the group.


Christmas morning with tropical mimosas, chocolate peanut butter cake, mango crumble, eggs, and coffee.



The happiest faces are the faces about to drink mimosas.


All the ugly capulanas wrapped up under the tiny tree.


Ugly capulana white elephant exchange complete. Next step: we all make these fabrics into clothes to wear to our next conference.


Hand-crafted gingerbread. Some things are essential.


Cooks in the kitchen for Christmas tacos.


Twas the day after Christmas…and no one had a rain fly. Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house, people were sleeping to avoid getting doused..


Typical PCV evening.


Christmas is: being happy, sharing joy, cherishing tradition, and accepting change.



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  1. Merry Christmas Alex & Cece! Glad to see you guys are settling in and enjoying your time. Thinking of you!

    Hope you have a great New Year, too.

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