Sunday Snapshots: Peace, Love, and Baby Jane


I remembered this week that I went through a short phase here on Happily Lost of posting a Sunday Snapshot every week. I am not sure why I got out of the habit of the Sunday Snapshot, but I have decided to start up again. Without further ado, some happenings from this week:

This past Tuesday was Day of Peace in Mozambique. This is a national holiday to celebrate the signing of the Peace Accord on October 4, 1992, which put an end to the civil war that took place in Mozambique from 1977-1992. The political situation in Mozambique has been complicated for decades and conflict between the two main political parties continues, but Mozambicans want peace in their young country.

Our town held a Dia de Paz celebration at the town center and, not knowing quite what time it was to start, we ended up arriving near the end, just in time to hold hands and sway along with some colleagues to a peace song and then hang out with some Mapinhane kids for a bit.




Cleverly-made cars that many kids around town run around with. This one was extra special, sporting the Moz flag.

The next day, October 5, began Alex and my anniversary celebrations, which take place 3 days apart. On the 5th we celebrated our 3-year wedding anniversary and on the 8th we celebrated 11 years of being together. I love October, and it is made even better by getting to kick-off the month each year with celebrations. The celebrations were simple and reminiscent: we looked at a lot of old pictures and wedding pictures and video and cooked crepes and butternut squash pasta and carrot cake on the charcoal stove (the gas ran out..). This year, the anniversaries came with a bit of extra emotion: happiness, of course, saudades for home and our normal Fall celebration, and a strange confusion that hit me as I realized how much our lives have changed in the 3 years since our wedding and in the 11 since we started out.

I remember how we started our wedding vows to each other: Our love is journey; from mountaintops to ocean floors; from childhood to adulthood; and from this day forward into the great unknown.


Snow Mountain Ranch, Colorado.


Magaruque Island, Mozambique

Last but not least, our newest niece, Jane Kingsley, was born in Colorado on October 6 (October 7 in Moz 😉 ). She came a bit early and is an itty bitty thing at 5lbs 10oz. Like the anniversaries, the birth of Baby Jane brought with it a mix of joy and a bit of disbelief and a bit of sadness about not getting to meet her right away. But we sure are happy she’s here!

Welcome to the world Ms. Jane.



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