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If you are one of my long-time readers, you’ve surely seen Happily Lost grow and evolve many times over the years as we embark on new adventures, or become curious about new things. I love that Happily Lost is a living, breathing blog and that I have the freedom here to explore the many parts of life that I am curious about, and have the opportunity to share that curiousity with my readers.

This year, Happily Lost is growing again! I am opening up the Happily Here section of the blog, where you’ll find the ‘Just Talk’ posts, in which I have explored life’s everyday curiosities over the years, and the new Monthly Mindfulness Community Series.

I have touched on the topic of mindfulness before, in the ‘Just Talk‘ section. I have talked about a Blue Sky Brain,  about living in each of life’s seasons, and about eating mindfully. As my interest in this topic has grown, I am following my curiosity into a year-long series that will not only explore this topic in depth, but create a learning community here on the blog.

What is the The Monthly Mindfulness Community Series?

An interactive, peer-based, virtual learning community, centered around themes of mindfulness in various aspects of our daily lives.

What is Cece’s role, and how will this series look?

During this series, I will be in the roles of facilitator, and peer learner alongside those that choose to sign up and join in the learning community. As the facilitator of this community, here’s what you can expect from me throughout each month:

For all readers:

  •  Introduce the month’s theme in a regular, public blog post on the first Sunday of every month, including one prompt (journaling, thinking, discussion- your choice how you use it) on that theme. We’ll be talking about things like mindful communication, mindful movement, and mindful self-care.
  • Share the takeaways from each month’s theme, based off of our community discussions, in a public, audio post on the blog at the end of each month.

For Community Members:

  • Send you the complete list of monthly themes for the year when you sign up.
  • Email weekly prompts on that month’s theme to help you explore what mindfulness looks like for you in that area of your daily life. I’ll get your thoughts rolling with prompts like ‘Communication is most challenging for me when I feel…..’ or ‘I use self-care as a way to….’
  • Offer additional tools and ‘mini-challenges’ to help you become more mindful in the area we are talking about each month. I’ll give you a tool for self-care accountability one month, and together we’ll do some ‘Spring cleaning’ on our social media sites another month.
  • Manage a private Facebook page, where we can discuss the prompts, share resources, ask questions, and vote on themes for a couple of ‘free’ months throughout the year.

I will not be playing the role of mindfulness coach or teacher. While I am not an expert in this area, I feel that I have a valuable personal perspective to offer on the topic of mindfulness, and am looking forward to learning more as I complete a Yoga Teacher Training this Spring and Summer. That being said, I also know that my family, friends, and other readers have valuable perspectives too, and I’m looking forward to learning from you all. You don’t have to be an expert either to join in the community! During this series, we will all be exploring mindfulness in various areas of our daily lives and sharing our perspectives and insights so we can learn from each other.

Why The Monthly Mindfulness Community Series?

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Simply put, mindfulness is a way of paying close attention, of bringing awareness into the present moment. If you are curious enough about this series to have read this post this far, you may already know that there is a lot of research out there about the benefits of mindfulness including increased gratitude, less stress, better health, better relationships, and higher productivity.

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to be mindful in their daily lives. I’ve heard people talk about how their cell phone distracts them from time with their kids or significant other, about how they wish they were more in tune with their body, or how they wish they could be a more assertive communicator. When we take the time to focus and practice mindfulness in these areas, we are ‘flexing our mindfulness muscle,’ and strengthening our ability to use it in a variety of situations.

My decision to put a big personal focus on mindfulness this year comes as I am transitioning from life in the slow-paced culture of Mozambique, to life in the fast-paced culture of the U.S., and feeling pretty strong (whirl)winds of change for the coming year. Mindfulness is a tool that helps me ground into my life as it flows and changes, and observe both the world around me and my internal self. It is a constant practice; it is a journey without a destination.

If you are ready to get curious about how mindfulness looks in your daily life, and want the support of a community, come and join the Monthly Mindfulness Community!

Click here to enter your email and sign up!

***Your email is safe with me. I won’t give your email away or fill your inbox with unexpected messages. What you’ll get is what I’ve promised above.

Still not sure if you want to join in? That’s okay! Check out the February posts on Mindful Self-Care and see what you think, or sign up now to receive the prompts and join the community discussions at your own pace. This is your journey!

Looking forward to being Happily Here with you this year.



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