Cece and Alex on the top of Ypsilon in 2010

Hi there from Cece! I am a journalist and creative writer, so most of the words on this blog are written by me. I love telling stories and hearing stories and am always keeping my eyes and ears open for things and people to write about. I got hooked on hiking and backpacking while working in Yellowstone for two summers and am excited to explore the Rocky Mountains by foot now.

Greetings from Alex! I’ve been exploring the world we live in through a view finder since 8th grade when I got my first SLR camera. I love to embark upon adventures and am always curious as to what is around the bend, or what’s over the next hill. With each and every picture I take I hope to share the beauty that is all around us and to inspire everyone who sees my photos to get out and explore this amazing world for themselves.

Long's Peak

Alex and Cece on the top of Long's Peak in 2011

Cece and Alex on the top of Flattop Mountain in 2011

Cece and Alex on the top of Flattop Mountain in 2011. Hiking over the Continental Divide.


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  1. thanks for sharing! You have a fan from Minnesota, and I’m not related to you. I’m just along for the ride. You can now say you have a National following!

  2. Cece:

    I really enjoy your style that humanizes this amazing park. Whether you are sharing stories of lightening, rain on the tent, the beauty of a sunset or holing out in the snow, you give the reader a feel for what s/he may encounter in RMNP or on a specific trail. Keep up the good work. It is a great resource both for those who are familiar with RMNP, but haven’t hiked a trail, as well as those who are looking for a particular type of hiking or camping experience. I’ll be referring my daughter and her friends to your site.

    Keep up the good work.

    Bill Marshall

    • Thanks Bill. I am glad it is helpful to you and feel free to share the link with anyone you want! Hope to see you at the lodge again soon. Keep hiking!

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