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Matu Munchies: Pineapple Salsa


To kickoff the Matu Munchies ‘series,’ I chose one of my very favorite recipes that I made up and have made over and over again since arriving at site: pineapple salsa.


Once or twice a week we make it down to our bigger market in Mapinhane. Sometimes we find gems here that we can’t find at the market closer to our house: carrots, couve (like kale), lettuce, and potatoes. There is a man that sometimes sits outside of this market area, under a tree, selling pineapples that are laid out on a tarp. They cost 40 metacais, a bit less than one dollar.

And somehow, over the past three months in Mapinhane, pineapples have come to signify salsa.

For this simple salsa, I use:

2 parts tomato to 1 part pineapple. I use about 3-4 Roma-type tomatoes to 5 large chunks of pineapple

1 small green pepper, if I can find one

1/4 of an onion

1 clove of garlic

Salt, Pepper, Red Pepper flakes or hot sauce or hot peppers to taste

Because the pineapple is so juicy, I recommend de-seeding the tomatoes before chopping them so that the salsa will be slightly less liquidy. Then, dice up the pineapple chunks, green pepper, onion and garlic. Sprinkle the spices on top.


Our wonderful foody PCV predecessor left behind an immersion blender, this magnificently handy tool that I had never once used before coming to Mozambique, oddly enough. I use this to blend our salsa, leaving it slightly chunky. A blender, food processor, or manual food processor will work too, of course. And if you live without that ‘energia’ and without any of these handy gadgets, dice everything real small, mix and enjoy as is!


Check back soon for The Sarahs’ Homemade Tortilla Chips recipe!