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Small-Batch, Home-Smooshed: How to Make Your Own Delicious Peanut Butter


Vocabulary from my Colorado roots:



At least the last time I checked. The more intimate an alcohol, the better.

Vocabulary from my Mozambican kitchen:



The more intimate the peanut butter, the better.

Peanuts here in Mozambique are an abundant resource, a nutritional powerhouse that is common in mashambas, or home gardens. You may remember this story, that I posted last Spring, about writing, but in reference to the power of peanut butter for HIV/AIDs patients in Mozambique.

We can always find peanuts in our market;  women here use peanuts mainly to make peanut flour that they add to various sauces. We use peanuts to roast, and make the most hearty, fresh, delicious, nutritious peanut butter that we have ever put into our mouths. In my experience in Mapinhane, the women do not seem to use peanuts to make peanut butter and they aren’t familiar with the process. But when we tell them that’s why we are buying a plethora of peanuts, they ask to try our finished product.

Although the process for making peanut butter here is done with a pilão (giant wooden mortar and pestle) and a whole lot of força (good ole strength), if you are reading this from America, I must tell you that you should stop buying peanut butter and start making it. In your beautiful, electric food processor.

Once you go small-batch, home-smooshed you’ll never go back.



Raw peanuts to roasted.


We dry-roast our peanuts on the stove, keeping them moving at all times. You do not need to put anything in this pan except for your raw peanuts. When the skins come off easily between your fingers, the peanuts are sufficiently roasted. Roasting the peanuts allows them to release their oils when smooshed; this is what turns them into peanut butter. Unroasted, smooshed peanuts will turn into peanut flour.


After the peanuts are roasted, let them cool until you can touch them comfortably. Then the most laborious part of the process begins: taking the skins off of the peanuts. We have heard that you can make peanut butter without taking the skins off, but we have yet to try it.


The roasted, de-skinned peanuts are then put into our little pilão for smooshing!



Let the força begin! Smoosh, smoosh, smoosh the peanuts until they turn into peanut butter. Or put them in your food processor…if you don’t want to have any fun. Just kidding…I would use one if I had one…



Our finished product.


As much fun as it was to make daily rations of peanut butter in our baby pilão, thanks to this very Mozambican birthday gift from Alex, we can now make a whole week’s worth of peanut butter in our mama pilão


Happy Smooshing!